• Lakes are cooling, OK at best

  • Trout fishing OK in streams

  • Silvers running, but not fresh (spawned out, turning color)

    • Check the regulations


  • Rainbows are really good

  • Grayling goodSilver fishing really slow

    • Fish the lower end of rivers

  • Pike fishing slow

  • Stillwaters: cool water is good

    • Use leeches, buggers or spoon lures


  • Kenai River silvers are still running

  • Kenai River trout fishing is good

  • Russian River trout fishing is decent


  • Jackpot Halibut Derby open through the weekend

  • Halibut fishing is good

  • Kings are fresh and still running

  • Silvers are still bright and fresh


  • Fleet closing down soon

  • Snagging silvers on beach is best in 10 years!

  • Halibut fishing is good

  • Rock fishing is OK


  • Halibut fishing is very good

  • Rock fishing is very productive

  • Silvers never showed up

  • Lingcod is good outside the sound

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