This week’s Get Out is one for the dogs.

I visited a place called Alaska K9 Aquatics and brought my basset hound, Einstein, with me. My Daybreak friends James Gaddis and Megan Mazurek also joined us with their pooches, Obi and Isla.

Alaska K9 Aquatics is the only swimming pool for dogs in Anchorage.

It’s a great place to take your dog if he or she has a lot of energy or maybe if you have a dog that has an injury. The water creates a low-impact environment for the dog as they recover from injury or surgery.

In Einstein’s case he had never swam before and this provided him with a safe place to learn.

They provide life jackets for dogs that are new to swimming and they have an instructor in the water to help get your best friend comfortable with this wet environment.

For more information for Alaska K9 Aquatics you can find them at their website or on Facebook.

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