The snow may be minimal in Southcentral Alaska but that’s not stopping me from getting out and finding spots to play.

January is National Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and in this week’s edition of “Get Out” I teach a couple of KTVA coworkers — Alexis Fernandez and Janessa Webb — the joys of downhill skiing.

At Alyeska Resort, the top of the mountain looks much better than the bottom. But today the bottom is where you’ll find us.

Janessa and Alexis are born-and-raised Alaskans, yet this is the first time they’ve been on skis. The day begins in the ski rental office as they try on ski gear for the first time. The boots give them a little trouble.

“They’re a little tight but I’m guessing that’s normal,” remarks Fernandez.

Now geared up, it’s time to see if they have what it takes to become the next Lindsey Vonn.

The first thing we go over is how to properly fall, then it’s time for the first run. I don’t have to worry about Janessa, she is fearless. She’s ready to bomb down the hill and even makes it onto the chairlift.

“I think I’m just going to be a one-time skier. I knew this would be a one-time event so I had to get it right the first time,” Janessa says.

Alexis takes a more cautious approach, working on her technique.

“I’m better than I was two hours ago,” Alexis says.

I’m just glad they had a great experience trying out a sport I love.

Alyeska is offering a $99 Learn to Ski special through January, which includes 3 beginner lessons, rental, and three lower mountain lift tickets.

Visit Alyeska Resort for more info.

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