The calendar may already say it’s spring, but if you are like me and can’t let go of winter, there is fun to be found even in this low-snow year.

In this week’s Get Out, I found one spot where winter is holding on and you get to go along for the ride.

The scenery, like what we find near the Alaska Range, is a reason many of us live in Alaska. Our mountains and vistas can take your breath away.

I was lucky enough to go along with the Anchorage Snowmobile Club and they took me to an amazing spot.

“We’re out here having a good time experiencing some awesome groomed trails. We’ve got about 12 people with us today and we’re touring around and seeing the entire Petersville area and having a blast,” said Les Kincaid, president of the Anchorage Snowmobile Club.

There may be no snow in Anchorage, but there is plenty of it here. So much snow, in fact, that Kincaid gave me my first lesson in carving on a snowmachine.

“You want to turn really sharp to the right, you just take your skis and point them to the left and you lean to the right and your whole machine should just curve over to the right,” Kincaid explained.

In theory it doesn’t sound that hard, but I got stuck.

Kincaid and the other club members make it look easy and graceful. But I’m not the only one who’s had a mishap on this trip.

“I was having fun and I was going up, I thought it was this really nice jump and I was coming up and the snow gave out from under me,” Kincaid said. “And thankfully, I was only going like five or 10 miles an hour. And the next thing you know I had a couple of the skis that were wedged under an ice ledge and there was a creek there.”

Luckily no harm done, but his buddies are quick to tease him a bit about his mistake.

Our trail ride takes us about 50 miles through some of the most beautiful terrain the Susitna Valley has to offer and I have to say, even after 12 years in Alaska, the Alaska Range still impresses me.

For more information on the Anchorage Snowmobile Club you can find them on the web and on Facebook.

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