The snow is long gone in Anchorage and it looks and feels like spring has sprung. One of the sure signs that winter is over is when the golf courses open.

Many of them are already open in Southcentral Alaska and in this week’s Get Out I worked on my swing.

Thanks to our snow-free winter, golf season is in full swing. This could be one of the longest seasons on record.

“Could be great. Hopefully we won’t get a dump of snow here before May rolls around, but it should be good with this early start,” said golfer Clint Draper.

Courses in the Mat-Su Valley, such as Settler’s Bay and Palmer, have been open for weeks. Courses in Anchorage are about a month ahead of schedule, though they will be on temporary greens for a while.

“April 26 is the earliest we’ve ever opened, so we quite unexpectedly opened on the 11th,” said Rich Sayers, general manager of the Anchorage Golf Course. “We opened Saturday for the golf course and two days prior to that for the driving range, so it’s been a pretty unexpected opening. Kept waiting for that next snow to happen, but so far so good.”

I decided to stop by the Anchorage Golf Course to find my swing again.

After some typical early season cuts at the range I’m off to the first hole.

“People are pretty excited. The first time you see people after a long winter, they’re anxious to get out and they don’t take it too seriously; they know it’s early season golf and they just like being out,” Sayers said.

I am happy to be out again, but not as happy as I could be after taking about eight shots on the first hole. Not the best, but at least I’m getting my hits in again outside.

Sayers tells me hole four is the toughest spot on the course. I’m going to see if this hole lives up to its reputation.

“I would say the fourth hole tends to be our most picturesque hole and it’s a difficult hole,” he said. “It’s a long dogleg with a sharp turn to the left and I think that provides quite the challenge especially from the back tees.”

I hole out a five — a bogey. I’m OK with bogey golf on my first round of the season.

Later this spring, Anchorage Golf Course will be bringing the game of foot golf to Alaska. I will be giving that a try once it is set up.

For more information on golfing in Alaska here are links to all of the courses in the state:











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