You hear us talk about our dogs a lot on Daybreak.

Obi, Isla and Einstein normally stay behind the scenes. But not this week. We took the trio outside for some fun in this week’s Get Out.

University Lake is one of the most popular dog parks in Anchorage. A place you will often spot me, James and Megan with our best friends.

There’s James’ beagle Obi. The force is strong in his nose and he’s got a tendency to wander when he finds a scent.

Isla is Megan’s golden lab. A bundle of energy that will chase just about anything.

Then there’s Einstein my dopey basset hound. He can never seem to keep up with all the other dogs.

Even if you aren’t a dog owner the park is a great place to visit to see the wide variety of breeds in Anchorage. Everything from basset hounds to Irish wolfhounds to boxers.

“They come here every day. They love it. It’s usually how I get their energy out, definitely,” said dog owner Sydney Peterson. “Ellie, being a boxer, has a lot of energy.”

Anchorage offers a good variety, with six off-leash dog areas in parks spread throughout the muni.

“It’s a great social component for humans as well as our K-9 friends, so it’s a good opportunity for dogs to become social so they know how to interact in situations. So when they are even on-leash in the future they’re much better behaved,” said Josh Durand with Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department.

Now is a perfect time to get out with your best friend and enjoy the parks Anchorage has to offer.

For more information on the muni dog parks, you can head to the muni website:

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