A good Samaritan returned a stolen katana he purchased after learning it had been taken during a burglary at a local business.

Courtesy BOSCO's

Courtesy BOSCO’S

BOSCO’S Comic, Cards & Games employee Eric Helmick said a man brought in the katana on Thursday, after learning it had been stolen by someone dressed as a ninja on Nov. 11.

“The thief sold it to a fellow who later saw the report on the news and brought the sword back to us,” Helmick explained in an email.

He said the man told BOSCO’S and police that the person who sold it to him had been wearing regular clothing.

“We contacted APD as soon as he came in and he was nice enough to hang out and wait to give his account to them,” Helmick said.

Helmick said the sword was a “little dirty” and a decorative piece had either fallen off or been removed.

“Maybe it’s because this is the first burglary I’ve had to personally deal with, but the whole situation was a bit odd,” he said. “We’re all thankful that it wasn’t a lot worse and that, in the end, we were all able to get a chuckle out of it.”