The 26-year-old man accused of killing a man at a South Anchorage auto shop earlier this month was indicted on murder and theft charges Monday.

In a statement, the Anchorage District Attorney’s office announced the Alaska Superior Court indictment against Trevon Allridge. Allridge was in custody prior to the indictment, as he has already been read the charges of first- and second-degree murder and second-degree theft in connection to the shooting death of William Schmaus.

Following his initial arraignment, Allridge was held at the Anchorage Correctional without bail, but has since been granted a $1 million bail with a requirement for a third-party custodian, according to the DA’s statement.

Witnesses told police that Allridge showed up at an auto shop on East 74th Avenue on Nov. 15 and shot Schmaus, court records show. Allridge then tried to take off in a witness’ vehicle, but eventually fled on foot, leaving behind the alleged murder weapon. Police later found him a few blocks away and arrested him.

“The theft charge is based on the allegation that Allridge possessed a stolen firearm which was allegedly used to cause Schmaus’ death,” the DA’s office explained.

If convicted, Allridge could spend up to 99 years in jail for each murder charge.