The owners of an Anchorage restaurant said the business is operating as usual after someone stole roughly $1,000 worth of food late Monday or early Tuesday. The Anchorage Police Department said they’re not the only victims of such crimes — commercial burglaries are up this year compared to last.

“It’s kind of a reoccurring story,” said Lucy Hollenbeck, the daughter of owner Andy Kriner. “It’s very unfortunate.”

The thieves got inside the restaurant by cutting the locks. Hollenbeck said those were replaced Tuesday. The diner has surveillance footage from its security cameras, which it planned to submit to police to aid in the investigation.

Kriner’s was also burglarized about two years ago. Someone tried to break into the restaurant in March as well, but failed before leading police on a chase through the city. Hollenbeck said those incidents did not slow the business down, and neither will the most recent break-in.

“We’ll continue to give, we’ll continue to support, and we’ll just continue to strive on. Andy Kriner will replace the locks and as you can see around here, we haven’t skipped a beat,” she said, indicating to the inside of the restaurant, which was open all day Tuesday.

Kriner’s has several security measures in place. In addition to locks and the security cameras, there are lights outside the business. Anita Shell, a crime prevention specialist and spokesperson for APD, also recommended using an alarm system with motion detection.

“Look at your business through the eyes of a thief. Where are you vulnerable?” Shell said, noting that keeping a list of valuable items and their serial numbers is also helpful information for police if they are stolen.

Last week, Kriner’s provided roughly 400 free meals for Thanksgiving and helped raise $2,000 for the Children’s Lunchbox. Hollenbeck said the burglary has not impact the owner’s attitude toward serving and supporting the community.

“Spreading more love — that’s all we can do,” she said.

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