Last Updated Dec 23, 2016 9:21 AM EST

The Tunisian man sought as the primary suspect in connection with the truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market this week was killed early Friday morning by Italian police near Milan, Italy.

Anis Amri, whose bid for asylum in Germany was rejected in July, became the subject of a massive manhunt on Thursday morning after authorities discovered his personal documents in the cab of the truck used in the Berlin attack, and his fingerprints on the door.

Italian Interior Minister Marco Minniti said at a news conference that the incident began early Friday morning near the Sesto San Giovanni train station in Milan’s outskirts.

Two police officers stopped the man presumed to be Amri, who was on foot, and asked to see his identification.

Amri then removed a handgun from a backpack and shot one of the officers in the shoulder before being fatally shot by the other officer, Minniti said. He added that Amri had been identified “without a shadow of a doubt.”

Minniti lauded the two officers who stopped Amri and said the one shot in the shoulder, Christian Movio, was not seriously injured. According to the interior minister, Luca Scata, the officer who fatally shot Amri in the chest, was just 29 years old, and a rookie on the national police force.

Police officials said later that Amri died 10 minutes after he was shot. They said he tried to hide behind a car after shooting Movio, but was pursued and fatally shot by the rookie officer.

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