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The Eagle River post office is back open after being closed to customers Tuesday, a U.S. Postal Service employee confirmed Wednesday.


Original Story:

The U.S. Postal Service building in Eagle River was closed to the public Tuesday after employees discovered strewn mail products and blood in the main lobby area, according to postal inspector Alan Damron.

Damron said the mess was reported to his office around 7 a.m. shortly after it was discovered at the post office, which is located at 11471 Business Blvd.

Free USPS boxes and papers left out for the public had been thrown around, and there was evidence that whoever had done that had also cut themselves on a glass Starbucks bottle, Damron explained.

The closure was largely due to the cleanup of the blood, according to Damron. He said that both the sales counter area and main lobby — which is open 24/7 to allow locals access to their PO boxes — would remain closed until the area was cleaned up.

Damron stated that whoever was responsible for the mess did not access the workroom or any PO boxes. While the incident was initially believed to be a burglary, inspectors found no evidence that anything, including mail, had been taken, he added.

The building’s interior was not damaged during the incident, according to Damron.

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