Fake $50 and $100 bills have been used at businesses in at least two southeast Alaska communities, police confirm.

On Tuesday, the Juneau Police Department issued an alert warning local businesses to double check large bills used in transactions, as at least nine incidents involving the bills had been reported over the past month.

The bills are similar in appearance to real $50 and $100 bills, but have “Motion Picture Use Only” printed on both sides.

“Without close inspection, the bills may appear real with the exception of the ‘Motion Picture Use Only’ notation,” police wrote. “One incident involved a bill described as having “Chinese writing” on it and one appeared to be a counterfeit attempt.”

Sitka police released a similar alert mid-January when the bills were reported at businesses there.

“Other security features are also missing, such as the serial numbers are in black instead of green and the holograms are not present,” Sitka police wrote.

“Measures businesses can take to prevent unwanted fake bill circulation include making the time to check incoming bills carefully and spending time with employees to familiarize them with the color, clarity, quality and safety features of American currency,” Juneau police recommended in their statement.

Both departments have asked that anyone who comes across additional fake money to contact them. Sitka police said they are working with the U.S. Secret Service on the case, as that agency is tasked with combatting currency fraud and counterfeiting.

Neither police department was immediately available to comment further on the cases. Attempts to speak with a U.S. Secret Service spokesperson was not immediately successful.