This week on Frontiers, the spotlight is on Seldovia, a tiny town about 45 minutes from Homer.

Years ago, Seldovia was the hub of the Cook Inlet fishing industry. But after the 1964 earthquake, the town had to reinvent itself.

It’s been a slow process that continues today as the town works hard to promote tourism and charter fishing.

Seldovia has all the challenges of an off-the-road-system community, but also some of the blessings of being in a location where there’s no such thing as a bad view.

With its almost non-existent crime rate and slow pace of life, Seldovia has been called the “town time forgot.” But those who live there also are hoping that the community’s time has finally come for a strong, stable economy.

Our guests this week:

    • Gunnar Knapp, economist and director of the Social Institute of Economic Research.
    • Laurel Hilts, longtime Seldovian and marketing director for the Seldovia Village Tribe.


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