A man accused of killing an Anchorage 19-year-old appeared in court Tuesday on two new charges in the case.

Christopher Birotte, 23, was arraigned for first-degree murder and first-degree attempted murder in connection to a Jan. 24 shooting that resulted in the death of Tiwan Johnson. Birotte was previously arraigned on other charges of second-degree murder and assault.

Police say Birotte got into an argument with Johnson and Eric Miller over a marijuana deal in the parking lot of the Muldoon Road Brown Jug liquor store on the night in question. According to court documents, Johnson and Miller started to leave in a car with two women when Birotte shot at the car.

Bullets struck both Johnson and Miller, and the female driver headed for a hospital, but Miller demanded to be let out of the vehicle before the group arrived. Johnson suffered a head injury and was declared dead at the hospital.

Miller later went to a hospital for treatment, and police interviewed him about the shooting.

Birotte turned himself in to police a few days later, according to Anchorage District Attorney Clint Campion.

A bail hearing for Birotte’s new charges is scheduled for Wednesday.

KTVA 11’s Eric Ruble contributed to this report.