People waiting on important letters in one east Anchorage neighborhood were disappointed Monday when they discovered someone had broken into the shed housing their mailboxes and stolen everything inside.

The Anchorage Police Department is investigating the incident. Dustin Billings said he called APD after he went to get his mail with his girlfriend, only to realize the rear side of the mailbox had been removed.

“Everyone was just shocked,” Billings said. “There were two different gentlemen expecting their IRS refund checks.”

The bank of more than 300 mailboxes serves several trailer parks, including the Malaspina-Glacier Trailer Park and the Golden Nugget RV Park, both located near Debarr Road and Hoyt Street.

Billings, who has lived in the Malaspina park for about six months, described the theft as “infuriating.” However, he said he is confident in the authorities’ investigation, especially because a surveillance camera records the shed.

“It sounds like they’re going to be on top of it,” Billings said.

He said with the suspects still at large, he wants people to be aware of suspicious activity.

“I really hope that people keep standing up for the community,” he said. “We need to take back our city.”

Because mail is not delivered on Sundays, it is unclear exactly when the mail was stolen.

Mail theft is a federal offense. Anyone convicted of the crime faces a fine and up to five years in prison.

The IRS has a way to determine whether a federal tax return has been cashed. Inquiries can be made on the agency’s website.

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