This week’s program is a Frontier’s follow-up to a show we did last year profiling Alaska’s lieutenant governor, Byron Mallott.

Some of the highlights:

    • A look at Mallott’s Tlingit roots and some of the early influences in his life, including his mother’s struggles with racism and alcoholism.
    • The evolving relationship between the governor and lieutenant governor – why there may be nothing like it in the United States.
    • Analysis from two veteran Alaska Native journalists, Nellie Moore and Joaqlin Estus.

It’s always a pleasure to sit down with Nellie Moore and Joaqlin Estus. Both have covered Alaska Native issues for decades and have had a front row seat on Mallott’s rise in Native politics and as a business leader.

Despite their long history of covering Mallott as a public figure, they say they never expected him to hold statewide office – mainly because Mallott has personality traits that do not lend themselves to today’s bumper sticker style of politics. He’s more a thinker and an orator, more comfortable in the role of “philosopher in chief,” than as a politician.

Although the governor and the legislature have been in the spotlight, Mallott has been working under the radar. Moore and Estus share their insights about his influence on state policy – especially for Alaska Natives.

They are not only knowledgeable but down-to-earth. It’s what I love about these two women.


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