Another Fairbanks police officer’s name is being used in a scam, the department announced Monday.

Lt. Matt Soden is the second Fairbanks officer so far to be used by scammers in the past year, following a scam using Det. Avery Thompson’s name in December. In both cases, the Fairbanks Police Department stressed that neither man was actually involved in the scams, although both are actual law enforcement officers.

In a Facebook post made Monday, the department stated that four Fairbanks residents called FPD on Monday to alert them about a scam using Soden’s name.

“The scammers are spoofing the police business line using applications which make it appear as if the police department is indeed calling,” police wrote. “In this scam, the person advises the caller that there is warrant for their arrest and ultimately asks for payment to resolve it.”

The same tactic was used under Thompson’s name, and has also been used in similar scams in which the caller claims they are with the Alaska State Troopers or another Alaska law enforcement agency. All the agencies used so far in these scams, including the FPD, have stated that they and other law enforcement agencies do not call and ask for payment in lieu of an arrest or in regards to a warrant or any other legal matter.

“Be aware there are literally hundreds of other phone and internet fraud out there,” Fairbanks police wrote.

Alaskans concerned about the validity of a phone call, or any other form of communication like text, email or mail, is encouraged to directly call the relevant agency, as well as those wondering if they have an active warrant for their arrest:

  • Fairbanks Police Department: 907-450-6500

  • Alaska State Troopers: 907-451-5100

  • Anchorage Police Department: 907-786-8900

  • FBI Anchorage: 907-276-4441

Anyone who feels they may have been victimized by a scam is urged to contact their local law enforcement agency to file a complaint.

Information about common scams and how to spot them can be found online at the Alaska Department of Law’s Consumer Protection Unit website.