Happy New Year from all of us at KTVA and Frontiers. We hope this week’s program sends you into 2017 in a good frame of mind, ready to take on whatever challenges you hope to tackle.

We invited Dan Bigley and his wife Amber to be our guests this week to offer inspiration for the coming year.

Dan’s life was changed forever when he was mauled and blinded by a bear in 2003. He and Amber weren’t married at the time; their relationship had just begun to blossom. Hours before the bear attack, he told her, “I’ll see you tomorrow” — a promise he was never able to keep.

Dan tells their story, with help from Debra McKinney, in a book called “Beyond the Bear.” It is both a love story and a tale of triumph over adversity.

Today, Dan and Amber Bigley are the proud parents of two children, Alden and Acacia. Professionally, they strive to help others — Dan as a therapist and Amber as a fitness coach.

In the last year, they’ve walked the talk. Amber has lost 40 pounds and Dan has lost 60 — proving once again, that they are the masters of self-reinvention.

Dan says as he was hovering between life and death immediately after the bear attack, he made a choice to live so that he could love. In our show, he shares his philosophy on how to “live with love,” the motto he inscribes in every book he signs.

It was an honor to have the Bigleys as guests for Frontiers and to hear their simple, yet powerful message for life.

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