An Anchorage grand jury approved an indictment for attempted murder and assault against 24-year-old Kevin Dyer, who is accused of stabbing someone staying at his home in early February.

The case stems from two reported stabbings during the early morning hours of Feb. 6. During the course of their investigation, police discovered the two cases were related, and both men — Dyer and Michael Kaznick — had been injured at Dyer’s apartment on Tarwater Avenue.

Kaznick told police he’d been staying at Dyer’s apartment for a few days before the incident. He woke up on Feb. 6 when Dyer asked him a question while holding a knife.

“He indicated to officers that Dyer just started stabbing him,” the complaint against Dyer explained.

Kaznick told police he fought back, but Dyer used a broken table and chair against him as well as the knife. At one point, Kaznick stabbed Dyer with a small knife.

Kaznick was “covered in blood and bleeding from multiple cuts to his neck,” police noted in the complaint. Along with the stabbing wounds, Kaznick also suffered a crushed trachea. According to a statement from police in February, Dyer had multiple stab wounds to his body, none of which were considered life-threatening. Both men were treated at a local hospital.

Dyer told police he stabbed Kaznick “because he sensed Kaznick was going to stab him first,” the complaint noted. Police at the time described Dyer’s behavior as erratic, which was touched on in the complaint: “Dyer was also rambling with about miscellaneous things while with the police.”

While Kaznick said he saw Dyer smoking methamphetamine prior to the incident, court documents did not include charges related to drug use or possession.

If convicted, Dyer could spend between five and 99 years in prison, according to a statement from Anchorage District Attorney Clint Campion. Dyer is being held on a $10,000 cash or corporate appearance bond with a requirement for a third-party custodian.