A man who called police to say he’d killed his caretaker at an Anchorage assisted living home in November of 2015 was sentenced to 60 years in prison Friday.

Gilbert Nashookpuk, 26, admitted to strangling and beating 57-year-old Glenna Wyllie after she made him angry, he told police. Nashookpuk pleaded guilty to first degree murder as part of plea deal.

At the sentencing hearing Nashookpuk told family members he was sorry and would work to resolve his anger issues. Nashookpuk’s attorney, Dan Lowrey, told the judge Nashookpuk suffered from brain injuries and mental health issues yet still knew what he’d done was wrong.

“The reason this came to light is because he called 9-1-1,” Lowery told the judge. “He told them where he was, they came and arrested him without incident. And ever since that moment he has been intent on getting to this day where he gets sentenced for what he did.”

Several of Wyllie’s children spoke at the hearing about the loss they continue to feel. But they also told Nashookpuk that ultimately, they forgave him.

Judge Jack Smith said Nashookpuk had a history of violence both in and out of prison and that locking him up for a long time was appropriate for the public’s safety. He agreed to sentence Nashookpuk to 80 years with 20 suspended.

Nashookpuk will also be required to be on probation for ten years after his release.

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