The Anchorage Police Department (APD) has released raw dash cam footage of the early morning hours of November 12, 2016, when James Dale Ritchie was killed after he opened fire on police.

Last summer, a series of killings prompted APD to warn residents to avoid parks and remote places such as the trail systems at night.

In late-April of this year, APD said Ritchie was responsible for the deaths of Brianna Foisy, 20; Jason Netter Sr., 41; Treyveonkindell Thompson, 19; Kevin Turner, 34; and Bryant “Brie” DeHusson, 25.

The dashcam footage shows the moments leading up to Ritchie’s confrontation with officer Arn Salao, who was attempting to question him related to an unpaid cab fare. This chance encounter led to a shootout with police that ultimately cost Ritchie his life.

Police recovered Ritchie’s gun following the fatal shootout, which linked him to those five murders.

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