Anchorage Police have arrested a man they say sexually abused at least two children, and they’re worried there may be more victims.

Eugene Elmer Young, 56, was arrested last Thursday and charged with two counts of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor and five counts of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. The arrest came after allegations of assault between 2009 and 2011 were made against Young back in May.

During the course of their investigation, APD says the came into contact with a second victim, and now, police are concerned there may be more victims who have yet to come forward.

APD says Young volunteered with various youth organizations in Anchorage, including coaching youth soccer; however, police say neither of the two victims were affiliated with any of the youth organizations with which Young volunteered.

Detectives are asking anyone who is a victim of Young’s or has any knowledge of anyone who may be a victim to please give them a call.