One man has a laundry list of charges after a hit-and-run on June 9 near the inbound intersection of the Glenn Highway and Airport Heights Drive.

Jake Sundog Rotzler-Martus, 31, is charged with first- and third-degree assault, DWI, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident, according to charging documents.

On June 9, a driver of a Suburban is accused of rear-ending a semi-tractor trailer and leaving the scene with a flat tire, the documents said. The driver of the car was later identified as Rotzler-Martus.

The Suburban was damaged in a way the driver could not see out of the windshield, so Rotzler-Martus stuck his head out the window and kept driving until he had hit seven other vehicles stopped at a red light at Airport Heights Drive, according to the documents.

Medics extricated Rotzler-Martus, who was unconscious and pinned in the driver’s seat. He was taken to the hospital, where officers could smell alcohol on his breath and “his speech was extremely slurred,” according to the charging documents.

Three other people were taken to the hospital.

Medical records show less than 30 minutes after the collision, Rotzler-Martus had a “serum blood level for ethanol of 385 mg/dL” and cannabinoids in his system, the documents said.

Officers used a search warrant on Rotzler-Martus’ car and found two bottles of prescription medication, Acetaminophen and Dulexetine, prescribed to someone else. They also found a bottle of whiskey with some gone.