ANCHORAGE – Like it or not, sub-zero temperatures are just part of life in the 49th state. “It’s just Alaska. If you can’t take the winters theres Florida,” said Danny Jacobus, a sales representative at the Alaska Mint.

Travel agents say the constant change from 40-degree highs to negative temperatures has some recent transplants heading back south. The chill of arctic air is also negatively affecting some local businesses.

Chris Robuck from the Alaska Mint said, “It’s slow until about Iditarod time, then the streets are teeming with people for a short time, and then when that goes away the people go away until summer.”

Other businesspeople said the wave of arctic air sweeping across the state is good for their bottom lines.

Terry Donovan from Alaska Home & Living gave an example: “being in a hot tub when its negative-ten outside and sitting in water that’s one hundred and four degrees.”

Some say weather like this makes winter more enjoyable. Below-zero temperatures may mean winter woes for some, but winter joys for others.