ANCHORAGE – Anchorage broke another heat record on Tuesday with 14 consecutive days of temperatures over 70 degrees. It beat the 2004 record of 13 days.

While people around Anchorage might not be counting the days, everyone has taken notice. In Anchorage parks and on trails, everyone seems happy to feel the heat. For long-time residents it’s rare to enjoy so much outside time with so little raingear. Twyla Thurmond said she got a tan while fishing on the Kenai this year.

At Valley of the Moon Park, people played volleyball, had picnic dinners and rode their bikes along the trail. Barron Mclain was eating dinner with his family. “This is great!” he said, “I’ve seen some really bad summers and now I’m seeing a wonderful summer and I’m trying to enjoy every minute while I can — fishing, hiking, camping, and now a picnic.”

Even tourists like Mary Larocque visiting from Indiana appreciate it. “Now I’ll be going home to cooler weather in Indiana,” she said.

One couple from New Mexico jokingly took the credit. “We brought it from New Mexico,” Urte Spaeth said. “We took it away and brought it here.”

Residents don’t know how long it will last, which is why they’re getting out while they can.

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