As Typhoon Nuri bears down on Aleutian communities fishermen say they’re not worried.

On Thursday afternoon, the weather in Dutch Harbor was relatively mild with light winds and scattered rain showers.

Crewmembers from the Commitment fishing vessel unloaded cod in the Carl E. Moses Harbor.

Will Robinson said they typically head out to sea for three days at a time unless fishing was good and they were able to come in sooner. They planned to head back out when their 20,000-pound haul was offloaded.

Robinson was born and raised in Dutch Harbor and started fishing when he was 7 years old. He remembers storms a lot worse that the one predicted.

“When I grew up here it was about 200 (mph) here. It would blow houses clean away,” he said.

Workers with the Sea Aleutians Seafood Company unloaded the cod into tanks. Business Administrator Lisa Tran said two other boats they depend on are still out at sea.

“With the storm coming our biggest fear is for their safety. They’re due to come in tomorrow hopefully before the winds hit town,” Tran said.

The Saga, a fishing vessel featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch,” was in Dutch Harbor on Thursday evening to unload crab.

Deck Boss Jeff Folk said his crew has some work to do on the boat so they’ll hunker down until the storm blows over. They’ll also use every line they have to tie it down in case the winds pick up.

“We’ve got extra lines down below and on the stern,” he explained.

Folk said most fishermen are used to working on the treacherous seas, especially this time of year.

“We’re always out there in the winter time so it’s always bad weather. Thirty-five-knot winds is the lowest you see. It’s usually 50. It storms all the time basically,” he laughed.