An Anchorage man was sentenced Thursday to 30 years in prison with five years suspended, for a violent sexual assault against a woman more than two years ago.

Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby handed down 31-year-old Asad Nur’s sentence on Thursday, according to a statement from Anchorage District Attorney Clint Campion’s office. An Anchorage jury convicted Nur in February of first-degree sexual assault and second-degree assault following the September 2014 incident, which began when he picked the woman up at a local bar.

“The woman was seeking a taxi ride to another bar but Nur instead took her to his apartment with the promise that he would provide her with alcoholic beverages,” prosecutors wrote. “Once inside the apartment, Nur dragged the woman to his room, strangled her with one hand and sexually assaulted her. Nur then let go of her neck, told her he would call her another taxi, and told her not to tell anyone what happened.”

The victim immediately called 911, but wasn’t initially able to identify Nur as her assailant. His DNA profile in the Combined DNA Indexing System, a database of DNA samples from people arrested for or convicted of certain Alaska crimes, was matched to material from the victim’s sexual assault kit in February 2016.

At Thursday’s sentencing, Saxby ordered an additional 15 years of probation for Nur upon his release from prison.

“Judge Saxby (described) Nur’s conduct in this case as predatory and found that Nur exploited a particularly vulnerable victim,” prosecutors wrote. “He also found that Nur had a history of assaulting vulnerable victims. Judge Saxby found that (Nur’s) prospects of rehabilitation were guarded because of his denial of conduct, his denial of the DNA evidence, and lack of remorse.”

Nur will also have to register for life with the state’s sex-offender registry.