November snow accumulation reached 13.8 inches in Anchorage, making it the city’s snowiest month since December 2013.

November brought a varying array of weather conditions to Southcentral Alaska.

The month began with an icy commute for drivers, followed by the season’s first “snow day” for many students. Then, an early-season cold snap dropped temperatures down to -8 degrees during the third week of the month, and a warm-up brought them into the mid 40s a week later.

In 2013, Anchorage saw 22 inches of accumulation for the month of December. This year, we reached the total 13.8 inches of accumulation by Nov. 22. Temperatures then began warming above freezing the next day and stayed, causing nearly all of the snow to melt within a matter of days.

Temperatures for the month were 1.6 degrees above the normal average of 23.8 degrees, making this November the 23rd warmest on record. The month goes down as the 16th wettest November on record, with 1.69 inches of precipitation recorded. It was also the 23rd snowiest November on record.

The average November snowfall total for Anchorage is 13.1 inches. In 2014, Anchorage picked up only 2.2 inches of snow during the entire month.

Correction: Anchorage received 22 inches of snow in December 2013, not November as originally written. 

November Snowfalls graphic