It’s no secret that it has been a slim snow season in Anchorage. Now, we’re beginning to approach a record number of days without the white stuff.

Anchorage hasn’t seen any measurable snowfall for the last 28 days, as of Thursday. Measurable snowfall is defined as one-tenth of an inch (0.1”) of snow or more. The last time we saw a measureable amount was on Jan. 14, when the minimum 0.1 inch fell.

Just over two inches were recorded on Jan. 13 and around one inch on Jan. 12.

The longest Anchorage has gone without measurable snowfall is 36 days, a period from Jan. 21, 1958 to Feb. 25, 1958. The current streak of 28 days is now tied with Dec. 9, 1982 to Jan. 5, 1983 as the fourth longest snowless streak during the months of December, January and February.

If no measurable snow is recorded in Anchorage by Feb. 20, Anchorage will break the record of the longest number of consecutive days without snow.