The storm may be over, but the snow is still fresh and conditions are looking good for all types of winter enthusiasts.

On Monday, 5.3 inches of snow was officially recorded at the National Weather Service office near the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. That set a new record for Jan. 16, beating out the old record by over an inch and a half.

Anchorage is still about a foot below average for the season, but the snow depth is the highest we’ve seen in three years and people are taking advantage of all the fresh powder.

“This is a more normal winter, or what we’d like from a normal winter,” said Ken Schulz a Nordic skier. “After the last couple it’s been a lot of fun this winter.”

Last year on Jan. 17, Anchorage had 2 inches on the ground and the year before that, the snow depth was only 4 inches.

Schulz regularly hits the Nordic trails in Anchorage, but last year he had to find some other options.

“We always made the best of it and then I started winter fat-tire biking as well, like so many other people did transition to that,” Schulz said. “But if there’s snow and the trails are good, I’ll always ski over bike.”

This year he’s enjoying the record-setting snow that fell Friday and Monday, bringing the snow depth up to 17 inches.

“The trails are awesome, they haven’t been this good in a couple years,” he said. “I was down while it was snowing yesterday and everyone had their dogs out — I guess it was the tour trail in Bicentennial Park — and that was awesome to be in there with it snowing like mad.”

Whether on skis or not, many are appreciating the heavy snow filling the trees and blanketing the town white.

“Just look around you, it’s amazing,” said Skylar Arend. “Yeah, the past few winters I kind have forgotten, but this is one of the best-looking places in the world.”

The snowfall since Dec. 1 has been above average, with a couple records set, but still not as much snow as many previous years. You may remember 2012 when the snow depth on Jan. 26 was 26 inches. There are 9 inches fewer on the ground, but the skiers and sledders don’t seem to mind.

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