With two days to go until Mount Marathon in Seward, a former three-time junior champion said she’s just trying to keep calm and carry on.


“I’m trying not to get nervous. I’m trying not to think about it,” said Denali Foldager.


Race day is a different story though.


“I’m very comfortable on the mountain, it’s very natural for me. I don’t get nervous at all,” she said.


Foldager stopped by Daybreak on Thursday to talk about her preparation for the race. This year she trained with a new partner: Three-time men’s champion Eric Strabel. The two got married last weekend.


“I didn’t listen to him as much last year as I should have, so I ended up with a 12th-place finish after that race. I finally said OK, I’ll give in and, you know, I’ll listen to what you have to say,” Foldager explained. “I didn’t need any help with the downhill; that’s natural to me. But I definitely needed some help with the climbing and hopefully he’s taught me some things. I’ve been climbing my butt off all winter on a treadmill, so hopefully this works.”


Foldager thinks the top 15 women can all physically win the race.


“It’s the mental part,” she said. ” … You’ve got to have just the toughest attitude out there and that’s usually who wins.”