What does it take to compete in Mount Marathon? Not youth. Chad Resari is hitting the mountain at the seasoned age of 81.


“I feel like staying in shape is very important,” he says while trekking up the trail to Flat Top in his hometown of Anchorage.




Resari makes good time — passing hikers less than half his age as if they are barely moving. When the trail flattens out, he kicks it up a notch to a brisk jog. Training runs like these keep his legs moving, but his real strength comes from his faith.


“I feel like God gave me this body, this gift of life, and I want to use it the best I can so I can give back to Him and do it well,” he said.


Chad Resari waves to family as he runs down the base of Mount Marathon.


Resari was a runner in high school and college. He taught for the Anchorage School District until retirement in 1996. That’s when he decided to sign up for Mount Marathon.


“I was happy to make it all the way down in one piece!” Resari said. “I felt a sense of accomplishment.”


This year, he is one of only two runners in their 80s signed up for the race.


“As long as I can do it, and finish before the cutoff time,” he said.


The cutoff time is two hours and 30 minutes. Last year he finished at 2:04.


Chad Resari poses with his family during Mount Marathon in 2008.


How many more Mount Marathons are in his future? He leaves that to a higher power.