At just 20 years old, Allie Ostrander is already a familiar face on Mount Marathon.


“It’s a tradition now, the summer doesn’t feel complete without a race up and down this mountain,” she said.


Allie Ostrander descends Mount Marathon in 2015


The Soldotna native first ran the Junior race in 2007 and kept coming back year after year — winning it eight times straight.


In 2015, she ran her first Women’s race — twice the distance as the Junior race.


“I always thought the junior race was so hard,” she said. “I got a bit of a reality check.”


Ostrander finished the race in 50:28, breaking Nancy Pease’s record of 50:30 that had stood for 25 years, but not enough to win it. International superstar Emelie Forsberg flew down the mountain and took first place at a blistering 47:48.


Ostrander loves to competition.


“I want us to keep breaking the records,” she said. “And make this race more and more famous.”


Her athletic goals would take her beyond Marathon. The Boise State freshman most recently took the NCAA Division I steeplechase title. Ostrander was a little worried that running up and down this mountain might not sit well with her collegiate coaches.


“I went in my coaches office and we were talking about summer and my first question was, ‘Can I do Mount Marathon?’ And he said, ‘Well, I don’t really know why not… If I told you no you’d probably do it anyways,'” Ostrander laughs. “Which is not true,” she adds with a smile.


With her coaches blessing, she’s back and expects the mountain to make her an even tougher athlete than she is now.”


“I think it’s great cross training, it makes me stronger and hopefully prevents injury as long as I’m not getting injured while I’m doing it.”


If her record tells us anything, a Mount Marathon race with Allie Ostrander will be a fast one.