Call it a pre-season of uncertainty.


The world of Division I College athletics is competitive enough, now try entering your season wondering if it will be your last.


The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Seawolf ski team, along with the hockey and gymnastics programs, doesn’t know if it’ll be around next year with potential budget cuts. A decision on their fate could come as early as November.


In the meantime, the skiers are working on their dry-land training at Kincaid Park.


“It’s kind of disappointing to come here and have all these awesome girls and boys come expecting there to be four years for them to ski and I can’t even believe it’s a question right now not to have nordic skiing in Alaska. It’s kind of crazy to me,” said Sadie Fox, a sophomore from Soldotna and lifelong Alaskan.


Hailey Swirbul is a freshman in the state on a scholarship.


“I’m from Colorado actually, so I’m out of state and that’s the reason I chose to come here,” she said.


Toomas Kollo is even farther away from home. He hails from Talinn, Estonia. He and his teammates haven’t given up hope that their team will be spared, but they all agree the best approach is not to worry.


“I guess we just have to train more and and just be happy for what we have now,” he said.


This season is set but the future remains in question. A decision on the skiers’ fate may come Nov. 10 or 11.


Competition begins Nov. 19 at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.



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