Fishing takes patience and good things often come to those who wait, but along the banks of Twentymile River the wait isn’t very long.

“We just got here about 20 minutes ago and we’ve got a whole bucket full,” said Frieda Amos while dipnetting for hooligan.

It’s a fishing frenzy.

Hundreds of hooligan are running up the river, making it a free-for-all for anyone with an Alaska sport fishing license.

Travis Hemingway and his family got here at 4 a.m. Sunday. After seven hours of dipnetting, he said they’re taking home about 1,000 fish.

“We’re going to fry them and eat them all,” Hemmingway said. “We just eat them all year.”

The Amos family prefers their hooligan smoked, but today they’re not thinking of their own dinner.

“We’ve caught plenty and kept them for ourselves,” said Oscar Amos. ‘We talked about it and said we’d donate all these to charity.”

Even though they’re small, fishermen say dipnetting for hooligan is worth it.

It’s part of what makes them proud to call Alaska home.

When it comes to hooligan fishing, perhaps what takes the most patience is waiting to come back for more next year.

Alaskans can take as many hooligans as they want from the mouth of Twentymile River until June 15.

For more information visit Alaska Department of Fish and Game.