ANCHORAGE – Broken bones, concussions, bumps and bruises: Mushers have seen it all during the 2014 Iditarod.

The most compelling video from the trail is from a GoPro worn by four-time champion Jeff King.

The series of clips show the rough conditions the mushers have faced in the Dalzell Gorge.

At several points King’s sled tips over and he can be seen grasping for the snow hook to slow his team down.

At one point, his sled over turns and his dogs almost take off with it. King had to run to catch up with the sled and even then he had to work extremely hard to get the dogs to stop.

King told the Iditarod Insider he’s glad he sent another sled to McGrath.

“I can’t wait to get it hooked up,” King said. “I’m going to feel like Superman going into the phone booth. There was a little incident in the Burn last night; it never would have survived. It would have been crushed. So I’m so glad I had this other one.”

As of 10:15 p.m. Wednesday evening, he was in first place.

King said the trails were about as treacherous he’s ever seen.

“I had numerous, really close calls and I’m good at this,” King said. “I don’t know that I could to it again as successfully.”

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