A Minnesota man made history when he reached North America’s tallest peak Sunday afternoon.

Lonnie Dupre, 53, is believed to have reached the Denali summit around 2 p.m., based on a beacon sent to his team from 20,000 feet. Dupre set out on his journey in mid-December in hopes of becoming the first man to climb the mountain alone in January.

According to Stevie Plummer, Dupre’s spokesperson, Dupre has attempted this endeavor four times.

“We’re just really happy that the weather stuck it out for him this year and allowed him to do that,” Plummer said. “It’s just so much time and patience, and just, persistence. And that’s what Lonnie had, so we’re just extremely happy for him.”

lonnie dupre facebook post

Dupre had not spoken to his team via satellite phone for two days during his final ascent, but sent out updates Thursday during a rest day. It is unclear how long it will take Dupre to reach base camp again, as winter conditions create a much more dangerous descent than in summer.


In December, KTVA photojournalist John Thain flew with Lonnie Dupre up to Denali base camp as he set off on his solo attempt.