The Alaska Zoo is one of Haddi Lofgren’s favorite places. The two-year-old is particularly fond of the wolves.

“She is a big fan of dogs and I think she resonates with the wolves because we have puppies at home,” her mom, Amanda Lofgren, explained.

Lofgren takes her kids to the zoo almost every weekend. When it came time to donate through Pick. Click. Give., she thought Haddi would want to help her furry friends. Amanda donated $100 of Haddi’s Permanent Fund Dividend to the zoo.

“I’m a big believer in making sure we create the community we want to live in,” she said. “The zoo is a huge part of our life and it gives back to the kids. It’s a safe place.”

The money goes into the zoo’s general fund. It supports things like feeding the animals and paying the zookeepers.

Haddi’s not the only one in her family giving up part of their permanent fund check for a good cause.

“I donated part of my PFD to Alzheimer’s Resource of Alaska,” Lofgren said. “Our four-year-old donated to Habitat for Humanity and my husband did Special Olympics.”

While Haddi might not realize the impact she has now, Lofgren said it’s a small way to make a difference, even for a toddler.