Last updated at 7:23 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 9

It wasn’t just President of the United States that was decided Tuesday. There was also a contentious race to see who will be animal president of the Alaska Zoo.

Denali the wolf won out over incumbent Ahpun the polar bear in the end. The election is a fundraiser for the zoo, and each vote is $1. Denali received 20,485 votes.

“Thank you Alaska Zoo supporters, you have raised $44,861 for the zoo!” The Alaska Zoo said on its Facebook page Tuesday night.

George the talking magpie came in second with $11,776 worth of votes, followed closely by Knobby the camel’s $10,720. Ahpun the polar bear came in fourth place, raising only $1,870 for the zoo.

“I think it’s important for our community,” said the zoo’s education director, Stephanie Hartman. “We’re the only zoo in Alaska and we are a private nonprofit, but not only are we a place where they can come and see animals they might not get to see out in the wild, but they get to come and learn about our native species, they get to learn about other cold weather species.”

If you didn’t make it to the zoo to cast your ballot, you can still donate online.

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