One of the most popular events at Fur Rendezvous is the snow sculpture competition. On Sunday, Fur Rondy officials announced the winners of this year’s event.

While the competition is over, the public will be able to see each of the snow sculptures through the end of Fur Rondy on March 5, weather permitting. They are located on Ship Creek Avenue in downtown Anchorage.

2017 GCI Snow Sculpture Competition Winners

Division I – Team of 3

  1. Department of Snow – “Ursus-Cubist”

  2. AK Awesome – “Spirit”

  3. Team TVB – “Tribute”

Division II – Junior High and High School

  1. Waldorf School – “Einstein in Nature”

  2. SHS Partners Club – “Bunny”

  3. Polaris High School – “Reel Big Fish”

Division III – Elementary School

  1. Alaska Fine Arts Academy – “Seas the Day”

  2. Polaris Elementary School – “AK Love”

Division IV – Family

  1. Team Euro Pop – “Please Cheese Me”

  2. Block Heads – “Alaskan Spirit”

  3. Team Yoda, We Are – “There is No Try”

Division V – Corporate

  1. BDS Architects – “Enter The Dragon”

  2. Architects Alaska – “Owl About It”

  3. KNBA – “KNBA 20 Years”

Division VI – Solo

  1. Jon Eric Thompson – “Judas Betrays Jesus”

  2. Wag and Wine – “The Sniff”

  3. Resident Genius – “Aspire”

Editor’s note: GCI is the parent company of KTVA.