The Arctic Man race was forced to shut down events Thursday halfway through the race as the weather took a turn for the worse.

The weather started out good, but after about an hour of racing turned poor. Visibility was the biggest issue, the flat lighting made it difficult for racers to see where the course was. At one point, in a canyon, racers reported not being able to tell up from down while traveling at 85 mph.

Today’s race came to end when one racer crashed off the trail, sending him and his machine summersaulting down the trail.

“Basically we ran in white-out vertigo conditions. You only get one shot at it. So we held it wide open until I caught the edge of a cat track, that I could not see at all, at about 85 [and] started to cartwheel,” said racer Spike Laskey. “A little carnage but we’ll get things put back together and be here tomorrow, hopefully have a good day.”

Race organizers will hold off and try again Friday.