The little town of Whittier, Alaska will soon be home to a big-budget Hollywood film.

Producers of the movie “Hunter Killer” won’t say the exact size of their budget, but are promising it will exceed any movies previously shot in Alaska.

According to the movie website IMDB, the movie will be directed by Martin Campbell, whose credits include the James Bond film “Casino Royale.” Several other sites list actor Gerard Butler as the possible star.

The movie is considered an espionage thriller involving submarines. Producers said Whittier will be transformed into a seaside Russian town.

Preproduction will start in January and the film will be shot mostly during March, April and May 2015.

Executive producer Jamie Marshall told a crowd of Whittier residents he thinks their town is the perfect place to shoot the film. He plans to hire as many Alaskans as possible.

Local production company SprocketHeads, LLC is coordinating the Alaskan hires. Interested Alaskans should check SprocketHeads’ Facebook page.