This International Bacon Day, we went on a mission to find some of Anchorage’s most original bacon lovers. We met up with Ben Burbank, sous chef at the Spenard Roadhouse. He’s one of the minds behind the restaurant’s “Bacon of the Month.”

He says he’s constantly seeking inspiration for his creations.

“You know, you’re going around to different restaurants, and you’re like, ‘I could make this, but with bacon,'” said Burbank. “I’ve had it come to me in dreams.”

This month’s bacon special: Chicken wings, without the chicken. He also invented last month’s special: Beer battered mushrooms filled with bacon.

But he wouldn’t to give the scoop on next month’s bacon production.

“It’s so secret, even I don’t know yet,” laughed Burbank.

At Bella Boutique in Spenard, Annie Ciszak Pazar has found a way to harness the greasy goodness without the guilt. She’s been carrying bacon products in her store for years. But there’s no refrigerator necessary; they only look like bacon. Customers can find things like bacon gummies, which actually strawberry flavored, bacon soap and bacon air freshener, “so your car or your closet can smell like bacon all the time,” Pazar says.

Here in town, there’s plenty of bacon, in all its glory, to go around.