Actors Alexander Skarsgård, of True Blood, and Jack McBrayer, of 30 Rock, have joined forces with Greenpeace International and Funny Or Die to create a comedy series focused on Arctic awareness.

“The project is about raising awareness of what is happening in the Arctic and get some important messages about the climate,” said Skarsgard in a release from Greenpeace. “Climate change is something I care about, that I really enjoy. But me and Jack tries to do it in a way where we run a little with ourselves. We try to do a comic angle on something that is very serious – a matter of life and death actually.”


The crew is filming the series aboard the Greenpeace icebreaker Arctic Sunrise just east of Greenland, according to Greenpeace. Andy Bichlbaum, known for the Yes Men documentaries, is also with the crew.

The series was created “to increase public understanding of the effects of global warming” and support Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign, according to the group.



Alexander Skarsgard and Jack MC Brayer sailing with Greenpeace ship the Arctic Sunrise, filming scenes for the comedy website Funny or Die.

Alexander Skarsgård and Jack McBrayer onboard Arctic Sunrise. – Greenpeace International