By Sept. 12, the Alaska State Museum in Juneau will have selected solo artists to feature in their own exhibits for the next two years. Jackie Manning, the curator of exhibitions at the State Museum, says the six artists, who will be selected from applicants all over the state, will receive a special perk or honor.

Manning says, “The State Museum has been closed for the last two years, while they built the new Andrew P. Cashew Archives Library Museum Building. So really, this is the first round of solo exhibitions to be in these new temporary galleries.”

These solo artist exhibits have been featured for decades. Previous years’ exhibits included wax art, all-video artwork and Tlingit armor, among others. The first solo exhibit of diverse artwork for the upcoming year will open in the spring of 2017.

All resident artists who haven’t had a solo exhibition in the Alaska State Museum within the last six years, and who have $5 to cover a registration fee, can apply. Manning says the State Museum would like to have a diversity of submissions from artists, native and non-native, from communities throughout Alaska.

Artists interested in entering their work can submit online or speak directly to Jackie Manning at 907-465-4819.