It takes a lot of stuff to put on a play — from actors and scripts to costumes and props — and in 35 years of shows, Cyrano’s Theatre Company has collected a lot of that stuff. Now staff and volunteers are going through it all, deciding what to keep and finding some hidden gems along the way.

“Folks thought I was crazy when I said bring it all up, throw it all out, we need to see what we have. Because we don’t know,” said costumer Cathy Warden.

Warden has worked with Cyrano’s for 15 years, and even she is seeing some of the costumes for the first time. Fourteen racks of garments, stuffed in the basement, now spread out around the stage.

“There’s just so many. There’s so much wonderful stuff,” said production manager Janet Stoneburner, who is deciding what to keep. She knows what she’s looking for, including, “unique pieces, very vintage pieces, pieces that we know we’ll be using again and again.”

Items that don’t make the cut end up in a large pile. Stoneburner said deciding what to give up has been difficult, but necessary. Still waiting in the basement are props from plays, old and new. They haven’t even started looking through them yet, but that’s part of the goal for the clean up. The things Cyrano’s doesn’t want will be up for grabs to other theater companies, continuing a partnership amongst local theaters.

“We borrowed swords for ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ from ATY. ACT borrowed some gardening tools for their production of ‘Secret Garden,’” Stoneburner said. “It’s all kind of a wonderful circle of props and costumes and life.”

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