From construction and welding to culinary arts and veterinary science, the King Career Center is helping students open doors to their future.


Wednesday, Cari-Ann Ketterling with Alaska Process Industry Career Consortium and Lou Pondolfino, the principal at King Career Center, joined Daybreak to talk about programs open to local teens with an interest in a certain career.


Pondolfino said The school serves over 1,500 primarily junior and senior students each year.


“All our programs are advised by industry members and they meet and they look over our curriculum and our equipment and they give us advice and we follow their advice on how we do things,” he said. “And we’re open to high school students throughout Anchorage. ”


King Career Center offers on-the-job training programs through employer such as:

    • Alaska Native Medical Center


    • GCI


    • Cabella’s


    • Home Depot

Contact the King Career Center to learn more.