In Alaska, there are 28 active breweries with eight more in the planning stages. But whether companies are turning crude oil to fuel or grain into beer, both are part of the process industry.


Lee Ellis, the head brewer of Midnight Sun Brewing Company, says there’s a lot of science that goes into brewing and local breweries require a lot of resources, like water. Not only that, but from start to finish a brewery needs boiler and refrigeration systems, plumbing, welding and lab work. Then there’s all of the logistics that go into running a facility.


Ellis mentioned that Midnight Sun is looking to hire folks that are reliable, can follow standard operating procedure and have a variety of skills, such as mechanical and lab work. The entry level pay is anywhere from $11 to $15 an hour, and a head brewer could make as much as $120,000 a year.


He said the best advice for job seekers wanting to get into brewing is to get your resume out there and meet the people in charge of hiring to start a face-to-face relationship.


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