Careers in Alaska’s maritime industry are high paying, and have a huge impact on the economy. Jobs can be varied from seafood harvesting, offshore oil and gas to arctic research.


Cari-Ann Carty with Alaska Process Industry Consortium (APICC) called the career “high-dollar, blue-collar” work, as a starting wage is around $60,000 a year. She added it’s a lifestyle, because most people work about six months out of the year, and the benefits are great, as well.


Terry Federer, an instructor with the Alaska Vocational Training Center (AVTEC) in Seward, mentioned the maritime training department is the biggest one within the center. There are multiple career paths available, such as working up to being captain, or becoming a marine engineer. Federer said the ice navigation course it developed is the only United States Coast Guard approved course in the world.


For more information on how to get a career started, head to or APICC’s website.