Looking for a holiday getaway, but haven’t planned a trip just yet?


Daybreak’s travel guru, Scott McMurren says set your sights on Seattle.


This week on Travel Tuesday, McMurren shares a Seattle secret: The Christmas Ship Festival hosted by Argosy Cruises. The ship sails all over Lake Washington and Lake Union. Every evening, the ship stops at two parks along the route. The Seattle Parks and Recreation Department sets up a bonfire and the boat noses right up to the shore.


Lights and holiday decorations dazzle the “Spirit of Seattle” ship while the voices of a men’s and women’s choir fill the air with Christmas carols. There are also Christmas trivia contests and opportunities to take photos with Santa.


The cruise is a 60-year-old tradition. The sailing schedule is open between now and Dec. 23.


For ticket prices and more information, visit their website.